1921-1944: The crushing of the FAUD by Hitler

An account of the decline and crushing of the anarcho-syndicalist trade union the FAUD in Hitler's Germany.

1943-1944: The CNT and the liberation of Paris

Information about the role that members of the Spanish anarchist trade union the CNT played in the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation.

1918-1922: The Arditi del Popolo

Arditi del Popolo

A history of the people's militias who fought Italy's fascists covering the birth, growth and decline of the world's first anti-fascist group, the Arditi del Popolo.

1985-2001: A short history of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA)

A brief history of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), which fought a secret war against the far right in Britain and drove them off the streets.

Spilling the Spanish beans - George Orwell

George Orwell's 1937 essay on the deceptions in the British press which obscured the revolutionary character of events in Spain in favour of a simple story of 'democracy vs fascism', written after his participation in the revolutionary militias and his narrow escape from the Stalinist purges.

A very brief history of racism - Workers Solidarity Movement

A quick look at the origins of racism in modern society from its roots in the justification of slavery.

Michael Schirru and the attempted assassination of Mussolini - Raffaele Schiavina

Michael Schirru

An account of the trial and death of American anarchist Michael Schirru, who travelled to Italy to attempt to assassinate the fascist dictator. Despite the fact that his "crimes" were not legally punishable by death, Schirru was executed by firing squad.

1977: The Battle of Lewisham

1977 lewisham.jpg

An account of the street battles which took place in London when local residents decided to stop a fascist National Front march in their community.

Beating back Mosley in Notting Hill, 1958 - Baker Baron

A Notting Hill resident recounts his story of fighting racists and fascists in West London.

1926: The attempted assassination of Mussolini in Rome

Gino Lucetti

An account of the unsuccessful assassination attempt of Benito Mussolini by anarchist Gino Lucetti who threw a bomb at his car in Rome on 11 September, 1926.