Mastrodicasa, Leonida, 1888-1942

Leonida Mastrodicasa

A short biography of Italian anarchist metal worker, Spanish Civil War and French Resistance fighter Leonida Mastrodicasa, who died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942.

Persici, Celso, 1895-1988

Celso Persici.

A short biography of Italian anarchist bricklayer Celso Persici, who fought fascism across Europe and in Morocco, by his son.

Piñol, Juan Brell, 1908-1976+

Anarchist militia, 1936

Biographical information about Spanish anarchist woodworker and Civil War and Resistance fighter and later pensioners' advocate Juan Brell Piñol.

Fascists and police routed: the battle of Cable Street - Reg Weston

Anti-fascists and locals on the barricades

Cable Street - October 4th 1936 - an eyewitness account by Reg Weston, Higham resident and life-time member of the National Union of Journalists .

Portugal: the impossible revolution? - Phil Mailer

Phil Mailer of Solidarity's excellent history and analysis of the Portuguese Revolution from 1974-1976.

The struggle against fascism begins with the struggle against Bolshevism - Otto Ruhle

Left communist pamphlet from 1939 that points the finger at Lenin and the Bolsheviks for crippling the international workers' movement with authoritarian tactics and for developing a totalitarian and capitalist system of rule in the USSR.

The Failure of the Working Class (1946)

Having been victimized by capitalism, the working class were deluded by state socialist parties German and Russian, who only engineered a return to capitalism. Then they were left behind by trade unions, who only served as a go-between for big business. The new way forward is the self-actualted, self-directed wildcat strike, which will become truly effective when it becomes a large-scale action during the last phase of capitalism.

Otto Ruhle and the German Labour Movement - by Paul Mattick

Paul Mattick critically analyses Otto Rühle's role in the German Revolution.

Intakes: Fascism/Anti-Fascism - Barrot Replies

'Jean Barrot' responds to our review of his influential text Fascism/Anti-fascism: 'The proletariat is not weak because it's divided: its weaknesses breed division.'