1926: The attempted assassination of Mussolini in Rome

Gino Lucetti

An account of the unsuccessful assassination attempt of Benito Mussolini by anarchist Gino Lucetti who threw a bomb at his car in Rome on 11 September, 1926.

1918-1921: The Italian factory occupations and Biennio Rosso

Workers' assembly in an occupied Fiat plant, Turin 1920

A brief history of the Italian Biennio Rosso (two red years) and the mass factory occupations of 1920 where half a million workers ran their workplaces for themselves.

1974-1975: The Portuguese Revolution

1974: The Portuguese Revolution

A short history of the revolution in Portugal in which an army rebellion overthrew the fascist dictatorship.

1936-1939: The Spanish civil war and revolution


A short history of the Spanish civil war and revolution which broke out in response to the right-wing and fascist coup attempt of General Franco.

The Edelweiss Pirates, 1939-1945

Edelweiss Pirates

An account of the Edelweiss Pirates, a World War II era German anti-Nazi movement of working class youth who fought against the regime.

The Brownshirts of Zionism - Abner Barnatan

An article by a council communist on the fascistic qualities of 1930s Zionist revisionism. Originally published in "International Council Correspondence", Chicago, USA, Vol. III, No. 4, April 1937.

BNP not ITA in Crawley, West Sussex

Today the BNP in Crawley, who have recently gained branch status, were prevented from holding a pre-arranged press conference at Crawley railway station.

Sbardellotto, Angelo Pellegrino, 1907-1932

Angelo Pellegrino Sbardellotto

A short biography of Angelo Pellegrino Sbardellotto, Italian anarchist and coal miner who attempted to assassinate fascist leader Benito Mussolini but was arrested and executed.

Thalmann, Clara, 1910-1987

Portrait of Clara Thalmann from a photo taken in 1953.

A biography of Swiss anarchist Clara Thalmann, who travelled to Spain to fight in the Durruti Column in the Civil War.