1932: the Ford Hunger March massacre

Pictures from the 1932 Ford Hunger March massacre in Detroit, where police and Ford security guards killed 4 and injured 60 when they opened fire on a demonstration organized by the Communist Party USA's Unemployed Council. Originally posted at the Walter P. Reuther Library.

Solidarity for workers' power #2.11

Eleventh issue of Solidarity for workers' power with articles on the lastest in the CND and at Fords, the Committee of 100, hitchhiking in the US and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #2.09

Ninth issue of the second volume of Solidarity for workers' power with articles about the enquiry into labour relations at Fords, dissent from the CND rank and file, the thoughts of unemployed folks in West Hartlepool and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #3.10

Issue of Solidarity from 16 August 1965 with articles about Errico Malatesta, struggles at Ford, Notting Hill and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #3.08

Issue of Solidarity for social revolution from 16 April 1965 with articles about the free speech movement and civil rights, a workers' defeat at Ford and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #2.03

Issue of Solidarity from 21 May 1962 with articles about an unofficial struggle against tea break reductions at Ford Dagenham, the civil rights movement and more.


  • Whither peanuts? - article on a rowdy May Day demonstration, arguing for solidarity with the "troublemakers".
  • News from Ford - a participants account of a successful unofficial struggle at Ford's Dagenham plant of workers against bosses and the unions against the reduction of tea break times.

Solidarity motor bulletin #06: Struggles at Ford, Halewood & Valencia

Solidarity bulletin on the struggles of Ford workers at Halewood in the UK and Valencia in Spain in 1976.

What happened at Fords - Ken Weller and Ernie Stanton

Solidarity pamphlet 26 containing three articles about the defeat of the workers in a series of disputes at Ford from 1961 to 1965, and what workers can learn from it.

Finally got the news

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Documentary about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a radical black workers' group based in the car factories of Detroit. Through interviews with members, supporters and opponents as well as footage of leafleting and picket lines, the film documents their attempts to build a radical black workers' organisation to take on both management and the union and fight to improve conditions for all workers, black and white.

Finally Got the News from Libcom Dot Org on Vimeo.