Letter of anarchist wanted for the Nuclei of Fire case

Konstantina Karakatsani, an anarchist wanted in relation to the case of the Nuclei of Fire urban guerrilla group publishes a devastating letter against her accusers.

Reactions towards latest arrest in relation to Nuclei of Fire in Athens

Reactions towards the latest arrest in relation to urban guerrilla group Nuclei of Fire, as lack of evidence points at criminalisation of the anarchist scene in toto.

Rehearsal of repression in Athens

The Socialist government has launched a rehearsal of repression in preparation for the anniversary of the November 17 1973 and the December 2008 Uprising. In the last few days two people have been arrested and most central Universities in Athens have been sealed.

More urban guerrilla attacks in Greece

Two more urban guerrilla attacks occurred in Athens and Salonica respectively within 24 hours of the armed attack against a police station in Athens. A time-bomb hit the house of a leading conservative politician in Athens and another explosive mechanism hit the Spanish consulate in Salonica. At the same time confusion reigns over the communique with which a new armed group appears to be claiming responsibility for Tuesday's attack.

Tension and questions in Athens after bloody guerrilla attack

In the night of October 27, urban guerrillas opened fire on the police station of Agia Paraskevi in Athens, wounding 5 officers, two of which are in intensive care. The attack has created a climate of tension and puzzlement as greece enters the period of the "two hot months".

Athens anti-guerrilla case in ruins after new Nuclei of Fire attack

A new attack and communique by the Nuclei of Fire, targeting the greek PM's central rally in Athens, shatter any reamining credibility of the anti-guerrilla pre-election persecutions.

Anti-terrorist law jails three in Athens "in expectation of evidence"

Three of the four accused of involvement in the urban guerrilla group Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy were remanded in custody pending trial, after the state investigator applied the anti-terrorist law to them which permits imprisonment "in expectation of evidence against them".

Anti-guerilla fiasco in Athens begins to unravel

The anti-guerrilla fiasco directed by the panicked outgoing government has began to unravel in Athens with bombing victim accusing the police of a setting-up innocent radicals.

4 arrested in Athens for urban guerrilla activities

Four young persons were arrested in relation to urban guerrilla warfare activities after anti-terrorist police stormed a house in north Athens hours after bomb attack against MP apartment.

Vdovichenko, Trofim Yakovlevich, 1889-1921

A short biography of Trofim Vdovichenko, gifted guerilla commander and one of the most heroic figures of the Makhnovist movement