Iranian revolution

The great war for civilisation: The conquest of the Middle East - Robert Fisk

A sweeping and dramatic history of the last half century of conflict in the Middle East from an award-winning journalist who has covered the region for over thirty years, The Great War for Civilisation unflinchingly chronicles the tragedy of the region from the Algerian Civil War to the Iranian Revolution; from the American hostage crisis in Beirut to the Iran-Iraq War; from the 1991 Gulf War to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

A book of searing drama as well as lucid, incisive analysis, The Great War for Civilisation is a work of major importance for today's world.

Radical America #13.03: Nuclear Fascism a French Analysis

Constituent Items:

Nuclear energy and the logic of tools (Gorz, Andre)
Sylvia Pankhurst (Widgery, David)
Poems (Cohen, Robert)
Political forces in the Iranian revolution (Abrahamian, Ervand)
Good reading
Political crisis in Italy

Anti-imperialism and the Iranian revolution

Arya Zahedi looks at the problems associated with anti-imperialist ideology during the Iranian revolution to cast light on struggles against the Islamic regime today.

The question of anti-imperialism has been much debated on the revolutionary left–particularly during most of the twentieth century.

The working class in Iran: some background - class struggles from 1979-1989 - Mostafa Saber

Oil workers strike - Iran 1978-79

Some excerpts from A Brief Look at the Situation of the Working Class in Iran, a short description of workers' history and conditions - and their struggles during and following the 1979 Revolution.

Of particular interest is the observation that "in practice the [workers'] councils, due to their complete accordance with workers' direct and immediate exercise of power, won an indisputable victory vis-a-vis the unions. The few attempts at creating unions remained irrelevant to the real workers' movement."

1978-1979: The Iranian Revolution

The Iranian revolution

A history and analysis of the revolution in which socialists aligned themselves with Islamists to overthrow the West-backed Shah.

Following the success of the revolution, the Islamists instituted a theocratic dictatorship and wiped out the workers' movement and the left.

Women and revolution in Iran

From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Marxist-Humanist Archives


Women and revolution in Iran

Grave Contradictions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution - Raya Dunayevskaya

Marxist Humanism's Raya Dunayevskaya on the Iranian Revolution.