Proletarian Gob special issue: The corpse of the millennium

An issue of anti-state communist magazine Proletarian Gob in which they reprint an article on Darwin, religion and racism by academic Andrew Pflaeger.

The Israeli kibbutz: From utopia to dystopia - Uri Zilbersheid

Despite their racism the kibbutzim did transform daily life. As Uri Zilbersheid says: private property and exploitation were apparently abolished; organizational aspects analogous to the state were also abolished; and labor was partially turned into non-instrumental activity. But, in the mid-1990s the kibbutzim began to dismantle their utopian society and to adopt a partially capitalist way of life. This article describes what happened.

Feldman, Arnold, 1922-1977

A very short biography of Jewish socialist and member of the Solidarity group, Arnold Feldman.

The Manchester protest against Aaron Porter was not anti-Semitic!

The unsubtantiated claims of anti-semitic abuse directed towards Aaron Porter in the press masks the real story - that of the growing gulf between students and their "leaders".

Ranko, Maxime, 1905-1952: the man behind the name

Jerzy Borejsza alias Maxime Ranko

A short biography of Maxime Ranko, real name Benjamin Goldberg (1905-1952), later to be known as Jerzy Borejsza, ardent Platformist, then pillar of the Communist establishment in Poland.

‘Shema Israel!’: The EDL Jewish Division

The EDL are to launch a Jewish division which should please some of their less tolerant members.

Antiracist demo attacked by fascists in Athens

A local antiracist demo in Ampelokipoi, Athens, came under attack by fascist thugs, leading to the hospitalisation of one woman. More than 40 fascists have been detained. The attack marks a climax of fascist violence which has also led to the torching of Chania's Synagogue.

Race and the Enlightenment part II: The Anglo-French Enlightenment and beyond

American left communist Loren Goldner's history of the origins of race and racism. Part Two of Two.

Race and the Enlightenment part I: From anti-semitism to white supremacy, 1492-1676

American left communist Loren Goldner's history of the origins of race and racism. Part One of Two.