Living my life - Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman's mugshot from an arrest in 1901

Anarchist, journalist, drama critic, advocate of birth control and free love, Emma Goldman was one of the most famous - and notorious - women in the early twentieth century. Against a dramatic backdrop of political argument, show trials, imprisonment, and tempestuous romances, Goldman chronicles the epoch that she helped shape: the reform movements of the Progressive Era, the early years of and later disillusionment with Lenin's Bolshevik experiment, and more.

These numbers are not from heaven

When the People occupy the square, walk in the park. When the People occupy the park, walk in the square. An event is not an Event if one can choose to participate or not participate. The only ethical choice is refusing to go to war, a refusal that takes on ethical significance only when one no longer has a choice and is faced, for the first time, with the question of honor. There is guilt in choice. There is regret in taking the wrong path. But there is no not taking a path.

99 Problems...


A short breakdown of the "99% v. 1%" anaylsis, initially written for internal distribution at Occupy Bloomington (IN, US) in response to a larger conversation.

Volin (Eichenbaum, Vsevelod Mikhailovich) aka Voline, 1882 -1945


A short biography of Volin (Voline) Russian anarchist and one of the founders of the anarchist synthesis

Proletarian Gob special issue: The corpse of the millennium

An issue of anti-state communist magazine Proletarian Gob in which they reprint an article on Darwin, religion and racism by academic Andrew Pflaeger.

The Israeli kibbutz: From utopia to dystopia - Uri Zilbersheid

Despite their racism the kibbutzim did transform daily life. As Uri Zilbersheid says: private property and exploitation were apparently abolished; organizational aspects analogous to the state were also abolished; and labor was partially turned into non-instrumental activity. But, in the mid-1990s the kibbutzim began to dismantle their utopian society and to adopt a partially capitalist way of life. This article describes what happened.

Feldman, Arnold, 1922-1977

A very short biography of Jewish socialist and member of the Solidarity group, Arnold Feldman.

The Manchester protest against Aaron Porter was not anti-Semitic!

The unsubtantiated claims of anti-semitic abuse directed towards Aaron Porter in the press masks the real story - that of the growing gulf between students and their "leaders".

Ranko, Maxime, 1905-1952: the man behind the name

Jerzy Borejsza alias Maxime Ranko

A short biography of Maxime Ranko, real name Benjamin Goldberg (1905-1952), later to be known as Jerzy Borejsza, ardent Platformist, then pillar of the Communist establishment in Poland.