Trotsky’s Defense. Response to Trotsky- Victor Serge

A short letter disputing Trotsky's attempts to shift the blame for the repression of the Kronstadt revolt.

In a note published in America at the end of July Leon Trotsky has finally spelled out his responsibilities in the Kronstadt episode.

In Memory of the Kronstadt Revolt- Nestor Makhno

Field Gun brought Against Kronstadt Naval Base

March 7th is a harrowing date for the toilers of the so-called "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" who participated in one capacity or another in the events that occurred on that date in Kronstadt.

Kronstadt 1917-21: The fate of a soviet democracy - Israel Getzler

This is the first major study of revolutionary Kronstadt to span the period from February 1917 to the uprising of March 1921. This book focuses attention on Kronstadt's forgotten golden age, between March 1917 and July 1918, when Soviet power and democracy flourished there.

Pobuna u Kronštatu - Ante Ciliga

Kronstadt sailors

Ciliga's "Kronstadt Revolt" in Serbo-Croat.


Beyond Kronstadt; the Bolsheviks in power - Mark Kosman

"Remember the Starving!" - 3 to 6 million died during the 1921-22 Russian famine

This article tries to go beyond the usual Kronstadt debate between Trotskyists and anarchists on why the Russian revolution failed. It includes sections on: workers' control, soviet democracy, the Red Terror, the 1921 workers' revolt and 'Stalinism'.


An understanding of the Russian revolution is vital for any understanding of why the left failed in the 20th century. Yet most discussion amongst revolutionaries never goes beyond the usual argument about the Kronstadt rebellion.

Kronstadt - a short film

A short film about the Kronstadt rebellion of 1921 against the Bolshevik dictatorship.

Recently I made this short film about the Kronstadt rebellion. It is not intended as a comprehensive history of the heroic and tragic events of 1921. Instead I hope it serves as a brief overview of the revolt which will be of particular interest to those researching it for the first time.

We fight the sea at Kronstadt

"looming chaos notwithstanding? No: we would take a stronger grip"

A hilarious heroic ode to the massacre of the Kronstadt commune by British Trotskyist group Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), taken from their website.

Author: Sean Matgamna

We fight the sea at Kronstadt

Across the frozen, hostile, misted sea

To Kronstadt, to attack entrenched White Guards
Manning the garrison there, mysteriously
All-powerful, where once we could command,
Talking now to our own as we talked before:
Workers' control, soviet power (with no
Bolsheviks!), peasant rights—echoing the roar

The Kronstadt Rebellion: Still Significant 90 Years On

Shawn Hattingh, from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front in South Africa, on the Kronstadt Rebellion.

What was the Konstadt Rebellion?

Zheleznyakov, Nikolai Grigorievich (1893-1918/1919)

A short biography of Nikolai, the far less known brother of the anarchist Anatoli Zheleznyakov.

The other Zheleznyakov

Lamanov, Anatoli Nikolaevich 1889-1921

A short biography of Anatoli Lamanov, the voice and ideologist of the Kronstadt Revolt

Anatoli Lamanov was born on July 3rd 1889. His father was Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai P.