Pobuna u Kronštatu - Ante Ciliga

Kronstadt sailors

Ciliga's "Kronstadt Revolt" in Serbo-Croat.

Beyond Kronstadt; the Bolsheviks in power - Mark Kosman

"Remember the Starving!" - 3 to 6 million died during the 1921-22 Russian famine

This article tries to go beyond the usual Kronstadt debate between Trotskyists and anarchists on why the Russian revolution failed. It includes sections on: workers' control, soviet democracy, the Red Terror, the 1921 workers' revolt and 'Stalinism'.

Kronstadt - a short film

A short film about the Kronstadt rebellion of 1921 against the Bolshevik dictatorship.

We fight the sea at Kronstadt

"looming chaos notwithstanding? No: we would take a stronger grip"

A hilarious heroic ode to the massacre of the Kronstadt commune by British Trotskyist group Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), taken from their website.

The Kronstadt Rebellion: Still Significant 90 Years On

Shawn Hattingh, from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front in South Africa, on the Kronstadt Rebellion.

Zhelezniakov, Nikolai Grigorievich (1893-1918/1919)

Nikolai Zhelezniakov

A short biography of Nikolai, the far less known brother of the anarchist Anatoli Zheleznyakov.

Lamanov, Anatoli Nikolaevich 1889-1921

A short biography of Anatoli Lamanov, the voice and ideologist of the Kronstadt Revolt

The Kronstadt commune 1921 - The Red Menace

Kronstadt's rebel battleship The Petropavlovsk

The Red Menace's analysis of the Kronstadt rebellion.

Yarchuk, Efim, 1882 or 1886-1937

Kronstadt sailors in 1917

A short biography of Efim Yarchuk, who played an important role in the rebellious town of Kronstadt.

The Truth about Kronstadt

Pravda o Kronshtadte (cover)

A translation of Pravda o Kronshtadte, produced by SRs shortly after the event in 1921.