Morning Star on strike! Interview with a worker

As staff at socialist daily newspaper, the Morning Star, prepare to go on strike this Sunday over pay and conditions, Ed Goddard from caught up with one worker and found out about low pay and union busting in the name of "peace and socialism."

Lezioni apprese dal gruppo MWR - Intervista ad uno dei membri del gruppo Resistenza dei lavoratori McDonald intervista uno dei membri fondatori del gruppo di impiegati de “la Resistenza dei Lavoratori McDonalds” (il nome originale in inglese era “McDonalds Workers Resistance”) sulle esperienze e lezioni apprese durante uno dei più importanti tentativi di organizzazione libertaria avvenuti negli ultimi anni nel Regno Unito. further reading guide

Illustration by Clifford Harper's reading guides, organised by subject, including other media like film and photographs.

Lavoro comunità politica guerra -

Il manifesto di, tradotto in Italiano da

¿Rescates o cooperativas?

Traducción al castellano del debate que tuvo lugar en sobre cooperativas y autogestión, y su uso como herramienta estratégica.

¿Parecon o comunismo libertario?

Un debate acerca de 'visión anti-capitalista' entre Project for a Participatory Society, partidarios de la economía participativa (ParEcon) y el grupo

Shirking 9 to 5: diary of a reluctant temp

An agency worker recalls several years' temping in London, trying to help his co-workers and do as little work as possible.

Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle - a debate

A debate between Iain McKaye and the libcom group about an adequate workers' response to the credit crunch - should we advocate nationalisation, co-op's, or struggle?

Parecon or libertarian communism?

A debate over 'anti-capitalist vision' between the Project for a Participatory Society, proponents of Parecon, and the group.

Oh sit down! Accounts of sit down strikes and workplace occupations

Waitresses at Woolworth’s staged an eight-day sitdown strike in 1937 which won a five cent per hour pay rise

A pamphlet produced to distribute to workers involved in occupations, with accounts and analysis of other occupations and sitdown strikes by workers around the world.

2nd Edition including squatters rights and analysis of the Visteon dispute uploaded July 2009, with a print-ready PDF and editable Word document.