Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle - a debate

A debate between Iain McKaye and the libcom group about an adequate workers' response to the credit crunch - should we advocate nationalisation, co-op's, or struggle?

Parecon or libertarian communism?

A debate over 'anti-capitalist vision' between the Project for a Participatory Society, proponents of Parecon, and the group.

Oh sit down! Accounts of sit down strikes and workplace occupations

Waitresses at Woolworth’s staged an eight-day sitdown strike in 1937 which won a five cent per hour pay rise

A pamphlet produced to distribute to workers involved in occupations, with accounts and analysis of other occupations and sitdown strikes by workers around the world.

2nd Edition including squatters rights and analysis of the Visteon dispute uploaded July 2009, with a print-ready PDF and editable Word document.

Class struggle and hip-hop: interview with Comrade Malone, 2009

Hip-hop has seen artists with social and political awareness. Rarely, however, has there been hip-hop fused with unashamedly class struggle, libertarian politics. 22-year-old Comrade Malone attempts to buck that trend with his album The Spontaneous Revolt LP.

Tea Break 3 - oil refinery strikes, February 2009

A PDF of the February 2009 issue of the irregular workers' bulletin Tea Break, written and designed by users of, for general distribution. The freesheet focuses on wildcat strikes at refineries across the country, addressing issues raised by the conflict.

Cost of living pay increase struggles interview, 2008

Steven on strike in July 2008

An interview between Freedom newspaper and Steven Johns, libcom editor, local government worker and UNISON convenor analysing the UK pay disputes of 2008.

A brief history of the crisis

A concise background to the current financial crisis and recession.

What recession means for us

An analysis of the likely impact of the coming recession on workers' lives and a rallying call for collective action to mitigate that impact.

Pay: what went wrong in 2007?

Libcom's analysis of what went wrong with the industrial disputes over the rising cost of living in 2007, and how to do things better in 2008.

Inflation: rising prices and the 2% pay ceiling

An analysis of the use of inflation to attack workers' conditions.