France: Students demonstrate in Paris

Some 3000 school and university students marched through the streets of Paris today to show their continuing opposition to the LRU

The march began at the PRG campus (Paris VII) on the South side of the Seine, the march then made its way past the gare d'Austerlitz and finally ended at the place de la Bastille where Police blocked off the exits.

France: repression of the student movement intensifies

Student demonstrations and occupations are finding themselves the targets of violence organised or incited by the authorities.

In Grenoble today students of the IEPG (Institute of political studies) were setting up the blockade they had voted for. The director of the IEPG, Olivier Ihl, threatened to set dogs on them, although the dogs were reluctant.

Brief report on the assemblée générale of students at Nanterre university 27/11/07

A brief account of the results of the meeting, attended by at least 1000 students.

The first motion was that strike committees and coordination with workers and other students were the favoured step and were necessary to win. It refused all attempts to negotiate before the law is withdrawn. and denounced the UNEF for trying to do so.
This was passed by such a massive majority that there was no count.

Account of the assemblée générale of staff at Nanterre university 27/11/07

The assemblée générale was attended by a total of around 130 staff, almost 30 of whom addressed the meeting. A student representative was also present.


The meeting eventually voted on the following proposals:

For the meeting to go to the President's office and deliver a statement condemning the intervention of police on campus and the LRU law. Voted for unanimously

For the word abrogation (annulment) to be replaced with suspension (with regard to the LRU law). 7 for, 1 abstention, 3 non-votes and the rest against.

France: university strikes and occupations against the LRU continue

Students across France have been voting on the next step in the ongoing struggle against the so-called reforms of the LRU law.

On Monday the government announced a 50% increase in university budgets over the next five years and also vowed to spend 11M on student housing.

France: Schoolchildren join student and teacher strikes

School students also played an important role in the Anti-CPE struggle last year

Across the country secondary school students are voting to join strikes in support of university students and the wider struggle.

Tomorrow many of France's teachers will go on strike as part of a wider civil service action. Some universities have seen staff vote on further solidarity action with students.

France: Student strikes and blockades to continue

1000 school students march in solidarity demo in Perpignan

Today will be an important day for the student movement with Police and university authorities ending most occupations before the weekend.

Today will be a return to struggle, or in some cases a beginning. The first blockade of Paris VIII began today at 7am. Many universities will be holding AGs this week to decide whether to continue the movement, which up until now has continued to grow.

France: more universities vote to strike

Information is at a premium, with official channels giving reports that do not tally with experiences on the ground, with actions going unreported or unconfirmed.

There were votes for strike action today at Bourgogne, Amiens and Lille II universities. Filtered barrages were voted for at Paris XII, Orleans and Chambery.

France: Students strikes spread, solidarity actions begin

With more universities and students joining the strike many have also chosen to participate in solidarity actions.

The government is now admitting that 32 universities are 'affected by student action' although this is actually closer to the total that are blockaded, with a further 20 universities affected by some action.

Updates from Nanterre

Some of today's events at Nanterre

The day began badly with the university authorities calling the police. Around 100 Gendarmes were used to break the blockade, tear gas and batons were used on the picketers. There were no arrests, the police satisfying themselves with hitting a few people, although there do not appear to have been any serious injuries.