McDonalds Workers Resistance

MWR interview with the Japanese organisation Shop Fight, 2003

An interesting reflective interview with McDonalds Workers Resistance as it was winding down in December 2003.

The McDonalds Workers Resistance is big inspiration for us and we hoped to talk of a lively movement but you tell us things no longer go well?

Funnywump - Interview with French Syndicalists, 2004

French syndicalists interview one of the UK McDonalds Workers Resistance group about the political climate, how McDonalds functions and the politics of MWR in January 2004 .

The interview has three parts:
Part 1- Introduction and brief overview of the political climate in the UK and the anarchist movement in the UK and their relationships to MWR.

Part 2- Description of the demographic of McDonalds workforce in the UK and a study of McDonalds management, how the productive process if policed and how it can be challenged.

Ten reasons to expect revolution - MWR

McDonalds Workers Resistance's 10 reasons why proletarian revolution will definitely happen...

1. As Marie Antoinette found to her cost, any ruling oligarchy can only take the piss so much. Right now they may be sitting on a socially explosive time bomb.

Full proposal for Global McStrike - October 16, 2002

Original call for an international day of action of McDonalds employees, by the UK McDonalds Workers Resistance group.

Since the mid-80s, October 16th (UN world food day) has been World Anti-McDonalds Day. In October 2001, there were hundreds of pickets and protests all over the world. On October 16th 2002, McDonalds workers will be taking action around the globe and we are appealing for help from all those opposed to McExploitation of people and planet to help make…

OCTOBER 16th 2002…

McSues magazine

Both issues of McSues, the piss take magazine from Glasgow McDonalds Workers Resistance from 2000 and 2001, described (by themselves) as the hardest hitting workers' paper in the world.

The online version is text only, the paper versions had pictures, cartoons, crosswords, fun for all the family.

If anyone has paper originals please get in contact with us as we would love to host scanned versions in the library.


Lessons of MWR - Interview with former McDonalds Workers Resistance member, 2006

The Glasgow MWR group in 2000 interviews one of the founder members of the workplace group McDonalds Workers Resistance about the experiences and lessons learned from one of the UK's most important recent attempts at libertarian organisation.

So, who are you?
The proletarian formerly known as Funnywump.

Briefly, what was McDonald’s Workers Resistance?

McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance - reflections, 2004

The founding Glasgow branch reflect on their time in MWR as it basically winds itself down.

McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance was set up by a group of teenage workers at one restaurant in Scotland in 1999. In 2000 those workers decided they needed to communicate with other McDonald’s workers in the UK and around the world.

McRevolution! Who are the shadowy burger flippers plotting to bring down McDonalds? - Loaded

Article about MWR which appeared in men's magazine Loaded in March 2002, which was written following this interview with the group.

Who are the shadowy burger flippers plotting to bring down McDonalds?

Having a nice day: the McDonalds Workers Resistance - Face magazine, 2001

Article about MWR which appeared in style magazine Face in May 2001, which was written following this interview with the group.

[400 words]

MWR speech about web activism at the European Social Forum, 2002

Transcript of MWR member Bouncer's speech about the group internet activism at the European Social Forum in Florence, Italy, November 2002.

As we have heard, in the beginning, some time in 1997, the roots of what we now know and love (or hate as the case may be) as MWR started as an attempt to unionise a McDonald's store, bringing forth comments from managers such as- "do you want to keep your job? You could go far".