ALF bombings in Mexico lead to anti-student witchhunt

Student activists are targeted on Mexico's notoriously independent and active public university campuses following a string of bomb attacks in the vein of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) tactics.

Military and federal police bust Mexican electrical workers' union

Late on Saturday night, around 6,000 Mexican police occupied the various sites of Luz y Fuerza del Centro, central Mexico's state-run electricity company. Immediately following the occupation, President Felipe Calderón issued notice of the company's liquidation, with the termination of some 44,000 jobs.

Looking Back on the Oaxaca Rebellion

Reflections on the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca by a North American anarchist who visited the city two years after the rebellion.

Sebastian San Vicente 1896- 1938? aka Pedro Sanchez aka El Tampiqueno

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Sebastian San Vicente, active in the USA, Cuba and Mexico and hero of a novel by Paco Ignacio Taibo

Behind the balaclavas of south-east Mexico - Ab Irato

French group Ab Irato attempt to look beyond the Zapatista legend, at the historical origins and material reality of the Chiapas rebellion.

Mendez Guerra, Esteban 1896-1979

A short biography of Mexican anarchist Esteban Mendez Guerra who fought with Pancho Villa and was a close associate of the outstanding anarchist Librado Rivera

Popular justice: community policing in Guerrero, Mexico

A year old article about an indigenous initiative in the Costa Chica, Guerrero, Mexico in which police(wo)men are elected by assembly and security duties are shared around the entire villages, with each individual only policing for a handful of days a year.

Recapturing the spirit of 2006; reflections on the second statewide APPO conference - Claudio Albertani

A report on the February 2009 APPO conference in Mexico. The report illustrates the internal struggle between the social movement and the political forces who want to reduce the social movement to their own obedient political constituency.

Mexico: Former Nokia workers protest dismissals and actions of Manpower and Adecco agencies

On Feb. 4, a group of former employees of the Finland-based Nokia company protested outside offices of the federal labor board. The company has not paid the severance packages which are required by Mexican law to a group of 1000 workers dismissed by Nokia last November.

Rebels without a pause

In May 2007, Freedom correspondent Nancy Davies reported from Oaxaca one year after the Mexican rebellion began, and found dissent alive and well.