military and law enforcement

South Africa: death at housing demonstration

A protester was accidentally killed during clashes between police and Soweto residents demanding improved housing conditions.

Almost twenty years after the end of Apartheid and thirteen years after the election of the ANC residents of the township of Soweto feel they have been left behind. Promises of wealth sharing have proved hollow, with any redistribution of assets seeming to end up in the hands of the emergent black middle class.

Public pay: Now police call for right to strike

Hot on the heels of an illegal strike of prison officers, now police offices offered a below-inflation pay rise have demanded the right to strike.

The Observer reported that rank and file police officers demanded that their right to strike be reinstated as relations with the government fell to a 30-year low. The move highlights mounting unrest in the public sector over pay as unions threaten an 'autumn of discontent' for Gordon Brown.

UK: Prison officers in mass unlawful strike

Some 20,000 prison officers in England and Wales took illegal unofficial action on Wednesday 29 August against Gordon Brown’s public sector wage cuts and the disastrous overcrowding in prisons.

Some 20,000 prison officers in England and Wales took illegal unofficial action on Wednesday 29 August against Gordon Brown’s public sector wage cuts and the disastrous overcrowding in prisons.

Reservation Politics: the Palestinian experience through the historical monocle of Native Americans - Melancholic Troglodytes

Palestinians in Native American costume protest Condoleeza Rice visit

An historical examination of the similarities and differences in the situations of the Palestinians and the Native Americans.

"Our historical analogy aimed to demonstrate the failure of the present course of action for the region’s proletariat and suggest an alternative. It is the social and not the military dimension of the struggle that has the potential to transcend capital."


Korean workers riot in Vietnam, 1967

Beleaguered: US forces in Vietnam

The riot by Korean workers at Vinnell Corporation, Cam Ranh Bay during the Vietnam War.

MACV (Military Assistance Command Vietnam, the U.S. command for all its military forces in Vietnam – ed.) had also been directed to start a civilianization program on September 15, 1967. South Vietnamese workers would be substituted for U.S. military support personnel in certain logistical units. There were many advantages. American manpower could be trimmed as technical expertise was shared.

The Battle of Cable St, 1936 - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs was in 1936 a local Communist Party activist in London's East End. This is his account of his involvement in the famous defence of the East End against an attempted march by Mosley's fascists.

Joe describes events leading up to the march, including the changes in the CP leadership's tactics as they finally realised their calls for a peaceful demonstration elsewhere would be ignored. His account corrects false impressions later created by official Communist versions of the events.

Somalia: Soldiers demand unpaid wages

Somali troops

Soldiers have taken control of government buldings in the Central province of Hiran after going seven months without pay.

The troops have not been paid since they were deployed to the province and are blaming corruption by local goverment. They have seized the buildings in Balet Weyne and have said they will keep them until they are paid.

Troops have also seized a barracks in Jowhar, north of the capital Mogadishu, with reports of gunfire although not of any injuries so far.

The Meaning of Tiananmen

Burt Green analyses the events of Tiananmen Square and their consequences.

The Meaning of Tiananmen

"It's anarchy, but it's organized anarchy."
- Dan Rather, reporting from Tiananmen Square in late May/early June 1989

China: Riots in Chongqing after death of a schoolboy

Chongqing province, China

Rioting broke out in Chonqing after it was reported that the child's parents had been arrested.

The secondary school pupil died last Thursday after being stabbed by another pupil. 10000 people took to the streets to protest after it was reported that the parents had been arrested after having complained about delays in calling for an ambulance.

The MOVE bombing, 1985

Historical information about the police bombing of the predominantly black radical lifestlye grouping MOVE, which killed eleven people and left hundreds homeless.

MOVE is an organisation formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972 by John Africa and Donald Glassey - a loose-knit, mostly black group whose members all adopted the surname Africa, advocated a back-to-nature lifestyle and preached against technology.