Anti-CPE Movement: Paris, 4th April 2006

Photos of the April 4th 2006 demonstration against the CPE in Paris. Photos from

More spontaneous blockades

A round-up of some of yesterday's (31 March) school and office occupations and blockades of roads and railways against the CPE.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris, 31st March 2006 (c. 23h30)

Photos of anti-CPE riots on the night of 31st March 2006 around the Sacré Coeur area of Paris.

Gare de Lyon blockade - photos

Photos from todays two hour long blockade of the Gare de Lyon train station in central Paris.

Anti-CPE Movement: Bastille, 31st March 2006 (c. 21h)

Photos later on in the evening from the earlier demonstration at the Bastille on March 31st 2006, when anti-CPE demonstrators clashed with police. Photos from

Spontaneous demonstrations against Chirac

People gather at the Place de la Bastille

Several thousand people took part in demonstrations in Paris to protest against the promulgation of the CPE.

Anti-CPE Movement: Bastille, 31st March 2006 (c. 19h30)

Photos of the March 31st 2006 demonstration against the CPE at the Bastille, in Paris. Photos from

Anti-CPE Movement: Bastille, 31st March 2006 (c. 16h)

Photos of the blocking of the Bastille around 4pm by high-school pupils. Photos from:

Workers take protest to Parisian theatre

At 18.00 yesterday, a group of cultural, temporary workers, students and “Precaires” (workers in precarious or casual labour), penetrated the prestigious Chaillot National Theatre.

Raspail Appeal from students occupying the EHESS

This following text is a translation of the Raspail Appeal which students occupying the EHESS in Paris put out before being evicted.