2,000+ invade Gare de Lyon train station, Paris

Marseille rail blockade

tf1 is reporting that over a thousand youths have invaded the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris. Le Figaro is now putting the number involved at 2,000, saying they have occupied the TGV lines.

CPE protests: Blockades across France

Charlemagne High School, Paris, occupied 28 March

Brief reports of the road and rail blockades across the country last Thursday 28 March, and updates on the mushrooming high school occupations as 62% declare solidarity with the anti-CPE movement.

Anti-CPE Movement: Gare de Lyon, Paris, 30th March 2006

Photos of the blockade by 2,000 anti-CPE protesters of the Gare de Lyon in Paris on 30th March 2006.

France in the streets: Largest demonstrations yet

Demonstration size map

Full coverage of today's demonstrations, strikes and riots as public transport and services crippled and nearly 3 million take to the streets in protest against the CPE.

Report from Paris demonstration

A brief report of today's anti-CPE demonstration in Paris from Reglisse, a young student.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris, 28th March 2006

Photos of the March 28th 2006 demonstration against the CPE in Paris. Photos from MrsBinParis and

Cars torched in Saint-Denis this morning

Amidst an anti-CPE gathering of several hundred pupils in front of the Paul-Eluard high school in Saint Denis, around a hundred pupils have damaged several cars and torched two.

Statement from an occupier of EHESS

A statement by one of the participants in the occupation of the Paris university EHESS, which was broken by police this morning.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris anti-CPE riot, 23rd March 2006

Demonstration and riot of anti-CPE protesters in Paris on March 23rd 2006.

Paris set for another anti-CPE demonstration tomorrow

A demonstration organised by school and university students is set to take place tomorrow in Paris.