Campaign to Redistribute the Pain 2018

A series of articles setting out the Free Alabama Movement's economic analysis of prison labour and strategy for 2018. These articles first appeared in the San Francisco Bay View.

Repression Breeds Resistance: Greg Curry on the Lucasville Uprising and Aftermath

Repression Breeds Resistance cover

Greg Curry, one of the people who was made a scapegoat for the 1993 Lucasville Uprising that brought Ohio prisoners together across racial lines, describes the repression he faced in the aftermath of those events. "Here is one prisoner's story about fighting back - more pointedly surviving - while coming to consciousness."

Criminalizing "Panther Love" - The New Wave COINTELPRO Tactics in Texas Prisons

“The Impact of COINTELPRO” – Art: Black Panther Emory Douglas, 1976

A description of the repressive counter-insurgency tactics used against members of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter), IWW members, and other radical inmates in Texas prisons. While libertarian communists have disagreements with the NABPP-PC's Maoist ideology, this text is reproduced for the useful information it contains about ongoing class struggles.

End Prison Slavery in Texas Now! (2018)

A call to action for the new year from Comrade Malik

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead: Prison Struggles in the United States 2008-2016

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead cover

In the last eight years we have seen a multitude of struggles: from hunger strikes to riots, from work stoppages in individual units to mass strikes across several prisons, from hostile gangs forming truces and challenging racial divisions to immigrant mothers (incarcerated with their children) refusing their meals and duties. Published by Houston Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Unity & Struggle.

"to storm all the bastilles"

An interview about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement, conducted with Luke O’Donovan, a young white man imprisoned for using a knife to defend himself against a gang of homophobic attackers during a party in Atlanta, GA. He [was] released from prison in late July 2016. You can learn more about his case at

“I Wish I Could’ve Been Out There”

Interview with anonymous inmate at Maury CI, Maury, NC, about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reflections and Reminiscence on the Murder of Mike Brown

Article about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement by Michael Kimble, a 49-year old Black, gay anarchist serving a life sentence for the murder of a homophobic, racist bigot. He has a blog and has been an active voice among prisoners at Holman correctional facility in Atmore, Alabama, where there have recently been several riots, as well as strikes in conjunction with the Free Alabama Movement. You can read more writings from him at

"I can’t even successfully lie to myself"

Article by an anonymous inmate at Swannanoa CC, Black Mountain, NC on anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement.