Egypt’s security forces massacred prisoners during the revolution

During the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, security forces massacred over 100 prisoners, and injured thousands more in many of Egypt's prisons. Whilst in other prisons, the state engineered the escape of prisoners in an attempt to destabilise the revolution. The Egyptian state are now attempting to cover up the atrocities.

During the Egyptian revolution of January 25th 2011, the world’s media was focused on events in and around Tahir square. As you would expect, the state was not going to give in without a fight. They responded to the largely ‘peaceful’ protesters, by killing 846 people, and injuring a further 600.

Degrading, de-humanising, and discredited: The UK prison pressure cooker on the boil

The UK prison population has reached yet another record high, and many of the issues that led to the Strangeway's riot of 1990 are back on the rise. The prison system is a thoroughly discredited institution that brutalises people, and makes them career criminals, and social outcasts. If you are under 25, an ethnic minority, and poor, you had better watch out, or you may find yourself in the 'big house'.

The UK prison population has hit yet another all-time high this month. On Christmas day, 88,000 people will be languishing in jail.

Omar Ibrahim’s statement before being sentenced + contact details

Omar Ibrahim, from Glasgow, was given an 18 month sentence on November 4th 2011 for violent disorder following his arrest outside Topshop in Oxford Street London on March 26th 2011 during the anti-cuts demonstrations.

Please read the statement below, written before he was sentenced.

Please write to him and send stamps and envelopes:

Omar Ibrahim


HMP Wandsworth

Heathfield Road


SW18 3HS

You can also email him using the contact details above using this website:

WTF Happened in Brussels and do I really care?

Cameron and Clegg as Rod Hull and Emu:

The hilarity, good old David Cameron and his quiet glove puppet are having a relationship crisis. It seems Sir Nicolas of Clegg is upping his role to that of Emu. Rod Hull would be regularly attacked by his puppet Emu as he did his stand up routine in the good old days. You probably remember it fondly if you’re an old git like me.

Do Not Silence Rebellion

On the criminalisation of Celtic fans for singing Republican songs:

Friday morning there’s a knock at the door. A policeman takes you into custody and you are taken to a station, interviewed and kept in the station cells until a court appearance on Monday morning. For some Celtic fans this is happening to them regularly.

SDL? It Should Say HATE On The Tin

The press label the Scottish Defence League and it’s English kin, ‘a far-right group’. When a group attacks a charitable insitution as it fundraises on a city centre street that is no longer far-right, it is purely a hate group.

The prison gossip on the Pakistani Cricketer Celebrity Prisoners!

Writing from Wanno (Wandsworth) it seems to me there could be an easy solution to the European capital crisis. The Pakistani Cricket fixers have been locked up here for a couple of weeks. At the same time there’s been a few international cricket matches.

Nicosia, Cyprus: 52 people on hunger strike

picture of prisons

Since joining the EU in 2003 Cyprus attracts many tens of thousands of sans papiers migrants. The state continues to treat them ruthlessly. 52 immigrant detainees have been on hunger strike in Nicosia prison since October 24th.

Since Monday 24th October 52 people (out of the 65 total in their block), all of them immigrant detainees, have begun a hunger strike in block 10 of the central prison. Their crime: Their illegal residency in Cyprus. Their demand: to stop being denied their basic rights which are being oppressed by the state.

Nine anti-fascists acquitted at Welling trial

Antifa logo

Nine anti-fascist defendants were acquitted today, but six more remain in prison in need of support.

The remaining nine defendants in the Welling anti fascist trial were today acquitted, with cheers and loud applause from the gallery.

Solidarity hunger strikes expand in California's Gulag

Solidarity demo at the Ronald Reagan State Building in Los Angeles

Since yesterday, prisoners in at least 11 of California's 33 prisons are refusing meals in solidarity with a hunger strike staged by prisoners in one of the system's special maximum-security units: the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Another interesting news item taken from the dominant media:

The strike began Friday when inmates in the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison stopped eating meals in protest of conditions that they contend are cruel and inhumane.