Seattle Solidarity Network

Industrial Worker #1710 (November 2008)

The November 2008 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Seattle Solidarity Network wins first multi-worker strike

Seattle Solidarity Network are happy to announce that the two workers from La Lot restaurant they were supporting who went on strike against tip-theft last month have won their demands.

Workers strike at La Lot Vietnamese restaurant

Small strike begins at a Seattle restaurant.

Solidarity networks as a means of building resistance to austerity - Matthew Adams

A look at the uses of solidarity network-style organizing as a means to resist the effects of austerity measures and an overview of the usefulness of different tactical approaches.

Sterling Manor tenants win massive repairs from landlords

Direct action by Seattle residents gets the goods - forcing landlords to spend over $50,000 on fixing mould and decay problems at an apartment block in north Seattle.

Quick win in poverty-wages fight at White Center grocery store

SeaSol quickly wins $6,710 at a South Seattle grocery store.

Tenants campaign scares slumlord into fixing things up

SeaSol works with tenants in one building to win improvements from deadbeat landlord.

A fungus among us: Direct action cleans up landlord's act

A demand delivery scares landlord into returning the deposit of two SeaSol organizers.

Seasol victory over greedy, paycheck-stealing boss

Seattle Solidarity Network's campaign of direct action finally convinced thieving boss Eric Galanti to pay Lucio his long-withheld wages.

Jumbo sized victory for Marco and Seasol

After a three month fight Marco and Seasol have won our campaign against Jumbo Buffet in White Center. Marco received $4700, making up for the months of working under mininum wage with no breaks or overtime pay.