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The Commoner #5: Crises

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Issue 5 of The Commoner magazine

Left communism in Australia: J.A. Dawson and the "Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils" - Steve Wright

Steve Wright on Jim Dawson and the 'Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils'. First published in 'Thesis Eleven' #1 (1980), pp. 43-77.

Back to the future: Italian Workerists reflect upon the Operaista project - Steve Wright

Drawing upon the transcripts used in a book consisting of interviews of people involved in the Italian operaismo and autonomia movements, Steve Wright explores issues and debates around immaterial labour and post-Fordism, to the nature of subjectivity and the role of workers’ enquiries and co-research.

Storming heaven: class composition and struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism - Steve Wright

Book documenting the historical context of the Italian operaista tradition, and the development of the category of class composition.

Wildcat interview with Steve Wright on "Storming Heaven"

Wildcat interview with Steve Wright, author of Storming Heaven. Class composition and struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism (Pluto Press 2002).

Review - Storming Heaven by Steve Wright - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes review of Steve Wright's Storming Heaven. The entire book can be found here.

Radical traditions: council communism - Steve Wright

Steve Wright gives a brief overview of the origins, history and basic tenets of council communism, and provides suggestions for further reading on the topic.

Cattivi Maestri: Some Reflections on the Legacy of Guido Bianchini, Luciano Ferrari Bravo and Primo Moroni - Steve Wright

Students in Italy, 1968

Steve Wright's analysis of the ideas of three Marxists who, along with Antonio Negri, were accused of being the "evil masters" of red terrorism in 1960s and 1970s Italy.