Egyptian textile workers confront the new economic order

Striking Misr Spinning and Weaving Company workers in Mahalla al-Kubra

An analysis of the recent strike-wave in Egypt which involved tens of thousands of textile workers and a look at the history of labour militancy in the country.

Vietnam: More wildcat strikes hit manufacturing

Strikers outside a plant

After 3,000 furniture workers struck on Monday, thousands more walked out over low wages.

India: Strike of 10,000 tailors enters seventh day

Tailors in Tirupur

The indefinite strike of thousands of garment workers in Tirupur for a wage increase continues this week.

Egypt's wildcat strike wave continues unabated

Striking textile workers in Kafr el-Dawwar - photo by Dan Morrison on sfgate.com

As reported previously on libcom, tens of thousands of workers in Egypt continue to defy their unions and the government in the nation's state-owned industries to strike and occupy their workplaces.

Bangladesh: Fifty garment workers beaten by hired thugs

Unrest - Bangladeshi garment workers fight back in the Tejgaon Industrial Area

Dozens of workers at a clothing factory were injured on Wednesday when over 200 outsiders, allegedly hired by the factory authorities, attacked the workers who were protesting against the bosses' beating of two of their leaders.

Update on Iranian workers' struggles

Scenes from recent glass workers demonstration in Iran

A round-up of recent struggles going on in Iran, including textile and petrochemical workers' strikes and opposition to new changes in labour law.

Cambodia: Garment worker shot

A 24-year old mother was shot in the back by Cambodian police during a protest at the Bright Sky factory last week.

More strikes and riots in Bangladesh - garment workers take the offensive again!

Seven garment factories were severely damaged, while bosses claimed 100 other factories were vandalised; three shopping malls and 50 vehicles were also attacked on Tuesday (10th Oct) as thousands of striking garment workers fought pitched battles with the police and factory security forces in and around the capital, Dhaka. Over 100 people were injured in the clashes.

Situation normal - Bangladesh in turmoil

The riots in Dhaka from Wednesday evening continuing through Thursday morning (see earlier report) protesting frequent electric power cuts, spread to various other areas of Bangladesh and continued on Friday.