Cambodia: Garment worker shot

A 24-year old mother was shot in the back by Cambodian police during a protest at the Bright Sky factory last week.

More strikes and riots in Bangladesh - garment workers take the offensive again!

Seven garment factories were severely damaged, while bosses claimed 100 other factories were vandalised; three shopping malls and 50 vehicles were also attacked on Tuesday (10th Oct) as thousands of striking garment workers fought pitched battles with the police and factory security forces in and around the capital, Dhaka. Over 100 people were injured in the clashes.

Situation normal - Bangladesh in turmoil

The riots in Dhaka from Wednesday evening continuing through Thursday morning (see earlier report) protesting frequent electric power cuts, spread to various other areas of Bangladesh and continued on Friday.

Ryder Cup clothing workers to strike

Workers making clothes for the European Ryder Cup golf team, will begin a work-to-rule and overtime ban on Friday.

More clashes in Bangladesh - the issue of energy

Textile workers in Narsingdi, central Bangladesh, yesterday fought police in protests against irregular power supply to their factory workplaces.

Agitation in Bangladeshi jute mill areas continues

After Thursday's clashes, in which revised figures tell of 200 injured and one worker dead, the strike continues and tension remains high in Khulna.

The Bacton Fashions strike, 1990 - Mark Metcalf

An account of the 1990 strike in East London of mostly immigrant workers, which won several concessions for the workers and prevented the owner starting a new sweatshop elsewhere.

The Kortex sweatshop strike, 1981 - Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O'Lincoln

The history of a victorious strike of 300 mostly female immigrant workers in an ultra-exploitative textile sweatshop in Australia.

The Lawrence textile strike, 1912 - Sam Lowry

Strikers face off with militia in Lawrence

A short history of the strike of 20,000 textile workers, mostly women and girls who included native and immigrant workers, which won big concessions over wages, conditions and hours for the entire textile industry

The Lynn shoe strike, 1860 - Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn's history of the strike of 20,000 US shoe manufacturing workers - men and women - in New England. Lasting several weeks, the strike won wage increases for the poorly-paid workers.