Second open letter to those concerned with the progress of our enemies

TPTG respond to Aufheben's and some Libcom poster's critiques of their first open letter. They present further evidence to back up their accusation against Aufheben member JD and reiterate the importance of dealing with such enemies who hide within our own ranks.



Griekenland: ‘Burdened with debt’ - Interview met TPTG

Dit is een interview met de Griekse anti-autoritair/libertair communistische groep Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (‘Kinderen van de gallerij’) over de crisis, de situatie in Griekenland en de klassenstrijd tegen de bezuinigingsmaatregelen en werpt een heldere blik op wat er daar de afgelopen tijd speelt vanuit een revolutionair perspectief.

Interview with TPTG: Class struggles in Greece


Interview with Greek anti-authoritarian communist collective TPTG about crisis of capitalism and its reflections on Greece and class struggle of proletariat against austerity measures. Interview was made before elections in Greece, but we discuss Left and their actions. Also, first two answers are taken from their article Burdened with Debt Reloaded.

Burdened with debt reloaded: The politics of devaluation - TPTG

Clashes in Syntagma Square on February 12, 2012 in Athens

Greek communists TPTG take another detailed look at the impact of austerity measures in the country, the devaluation of capital and the attack on the power of the working class.

Open Letter from TPTG

This piece was published by Greek group TPTG. A response is here. Personal details have been removed in line with out posting guidelines, which do not allow untrue allegations or the revealing of confidential personal information. We reproduce it for reference only.

Notes Préliminaires Pour Un Compte Rendu Du "Mouvement Des Assemblées Populaires" En Grèce

un changement des batteries

Le mouvement des assemblées dans les places a commencé complètement inopinément le 25 mai [2011] à Athènes. Il est peu clair qui était le groupe de personnes initial qui a pris à l'initiative d’envoyer un appel pour un rassemblement dans la place Syntagma sur Facebook pour exprimer son "indignation" et sa colère face aux mesures d'austérité du gouvernement. Il semble cependant que quelques personnes autour d'un groupe politique influencé par l'idéologie démocratique de Castoriadis aient été impliquées parmi d'autres dans cette initiative.

Preliminary notes towards an account of the "movement of popular assemblies" - TPTG

No kettle, no snare: assault & battery, Syntagma Square.

The movement of the assemblies in the squares started completely unexpectedly on the 25th of May in Athens. It’s unclear which was the initial group of people that took the initiative to post a call for a rally in Syntagma square on Facebook to express their “indignation” and anger at the government’s austerity measures. It seems though that some people around a political group influenced by the later Castoriadis’ democratic ideology were involved among others in that initiative.

Burdened with debt: "Debt crisis" and class struggles in Greece - TPTG

TPTG analyse the crisis in Greece and how it is influencing capitalist restructuring, and how the working class is responding to the resulting austerity measures.

If you want peace, prepare for class war - TPTG

Amidst the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, TPTG analyse and explain the roots of the conflict and give an account of the original "Balkanisation" of the Balkans.