workers councils

Interactive map of workers’ councils (1917-1927)


The 1917 revolution in Russia, and the comeback of workers’ councils, signalled the start of a revolutionary wave that spread across the world over the next ten years. The map below is an attempt at charting the spread of the council movement in the 1917-1927 period. Work in progress!

Council communism or councilism? - The period of transition

Jan Appel

Book review of Philippe Bourrinet “The Dutch and German Communist Left (1900-68); ‘Neither Lenin nor Trotsky nor Stalin!”, ‘All workers must think for themselves!’”, Leiden/Boston (Brill) ISBN 978-90-04-26977-4.

On the design of a constitution of the RSFSR - Yakov Sverdlov

Soviet Union structure Yakov Sverdlov

Translation of Sverdlov's speech, on the election of a Constitution Drafting Commission. Source: from the report on the meeting of the (All-Russian) Central Executive Committee, 1 April 1918.

The Eye of the Needle: Towards Participatory Democracy in South Africa

Rick Turner

This book, by the South African philosopher and trade unionist Rick Turner (assassinated in Durban in 1978) was first published in 1972. It is an argument, written in opposition to the Stalinism of the South African Communist Party, for a participatory democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. The attached file contains the preface. The full text of the book is available at South African History Online.

List radnego W. Kowalskiego do Prezydium Rady Miejskiej m. Warszawy (1918)


W tym liście Władysław Kowalski (pseudonim Grzech, Ślusarski; 1883-1937), członek SDKPiL a później lewicy KPRP, wyjaśnia powody swojego odejścia z Rady Miejskiej miasta Warszawy. Powstanie rad robotniczych w całym kraju oznaczało początek ery światowej rewolucji, w świetle której demokracja przedstawicielska i parlamentarna staje się wyłącznie jarzmem dla klasy robotniczej – „Najwyższą i jedyną władzą proletarjatu Warszawy musi być Rada Delegatów Robotniczych”.

The soviets: the Russian workers, peasants and soldiers councils 1905-1921 - Oskar Anweiler

All-Russian assembly of workers' councils, Petrograd 1917

A detailed study of the workers', soldiers' and peasants' councils which sprung up across Russia in the revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

Views and Comments No. 37 (February 1960)

The No. 37 (February 1960) issue of Views and Comments, an anarcho-syndicalist leaning publication produced out of New York by the Libertarian League from 1955 until 1966.

The Vest Pocket Chairman by R. Heathwood and G. Horsman 1960

Vest Pocket Chairman 1960 front cover

The National Council of Labour Colleges (NCLC) was an organisation set up in the United Kingdom to foster working class self-education.