The Detective Novel by João Bernardo

Detective Novel and the Thriller

An original thought-provoking essay on the Detective Novel and in particular the thriller, as regards action and isolation by Joao Bernardo translated from the Portuguese.

Common's luck - a film on Jack Common by John Mapplebeck

Jack Common

Jack Common wrote brilliant novels, film scripts and essays of radical social comment, all rooted in his early 20th century working class Geordie upbringing. Later a friend of George Orwell, he led a life of literary obscurity and persistent material poverty, but left us some of the most perceptive commentary and description of working class life of his time. His novels (or, more accurately, autobiographies in novelistic form) also offer some of the best recollections of life unfolding through the eyes of a child.

Garrett, George, 1896-1966

George Garrett (third from left)

A short account of George Garrett, Liverpool Wobbly and working class writer.

"What are the drums saying, Booker?" - Adolph L. Reed Jr.

Adolph Reed's hilarious and biting criticism of Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates and the concept of the "black intellectual."

Steven Pinker, the history of violence, and the misuse of 'anarchy'

I've not yet purchased his new book yet, though I'm sure I'll grab a copy sometime, but already all the interviews with him and reviews I've read are fairly infuriating.

Dagerman, Stig: Anarchist writer

Stig Dagerman

An account of the life and work of Stig Dagerman, Swedish existentialist and anarchist writer

Ferlosio, Chicho Sánchez (1940-2003)


A short biography of the Spanish anarchist militant, poet and songwriter Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio

Dos Passos, John, 1896-1970

John Dos Passos

A look at the life and works of John Dos Passos , one of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

Ridge, Lola: anarchist and poet

A brief biography of Lola Ridge, New Zealand anarchist and poet by Mark Derby.