Advanced Capitalism and the Management of Death

Joads Jalopy

Comparing natural and artificial causes of the demise of social beings.

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 12, 2024

"Death is pushed to one side and hidden like some embarrassing family secret. It is only by staring Death in the face that you can truly say you have known Life; it is only by losing that which you hold most dear that you can truly say you have known Love." Guild of Funerary Violinists

Mr and Mrs were just discussing the death of grandad, in bed. Mr was recalling that in Grapes of Wrath, when grandma dies and the Joads bury their elder, one of the family says, We'll bury the mattress with grandma; can't ever use a mattress again that someone has died on. We questioned why this was not still the case.

This led us to compare modern death under management with death in the days of old. The only death that we have known that can be said to have had natural causes was the death of our dog and cat. These passings were much longer, drawn out affairs than the modern systematic End of Life, which is over in a flash.

A manager of grandad's death told us that once he stopped taking the Rescue Meds he would be dead within three days and this is how it transpired, once grandad gave up on life and stopped taking these prescribed Rescue Meds. The other method that is carried out in End of Life is by means of meds that foreshorten life by effective poisoning of the subject.

Footnote: Mrs says that Rescue Meds are a combination of steroids and anti-biotics. Withdrawel of these results in death. End of Life is carried out by means of synthetic opiods and other pharamceutical commodities, under the guise of palliatives.