After the collapse: notes on the technological utopia (excerpts) - Jean-Marc Mandosio

Chapter 3 and portions of Chapter 4 from Jean-Marc Mandosio’s book, Après l'effondrement: notes sur l'utopie néotechnologique (Éditions de l'Encyclopédie des Nuisances, 2000), in which the author discusses the disastrous effects of what he calls “neotechnology” on the human species and how these disasters are imposed as wonderful innovations in all domains, from music and books to genetic engineering, resulting in a “four-fold collapse” affecting the human perception of time and space, the ability to think, and “the very idea of humanity itself”.

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Hey, as always many thanks for translating and posting this!

However, I was wondering why the given title here is in French, when the actual text is in English? As having a French title makes it look as if the text would be entirely in French.

If there is not a particular reason, would it be okay to edit this and translate this title into English as well?