After the Revolution: Economic Reconstruction in Spain - Diego Abad de Santillán

A practical proposal for implementing anarchosyndicalism in Spain in 1936.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on December 22, 2010

D.A. de Santillan was a leading figure amongst the anarchist revolutionaries during the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939.This traveler, journalist, editor and economist, who suffered imprisonment for fighting the old regime, was asked by the CNT at the height of Spain's revolutionary fervor to help outline and flesh out the new world being built.

This popular economic manifesto outlines a practical programme for an anarcho-syndicalist society, tailored to the needs of the Spanish people in 1936-1937. The economic analysis is interspersed and enriched by his philosophical reflections upon the nature and place of anarchism in the modern world. For anyone interested in anarchism during the Spanish Civil War and the historical development of anarcho-syndicalist theory, Santillan's book is a lucid and extremely important historical/philosophical document.

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