Anarchy #079

Issue of Anarchy magazine from September 1967 focussing on central and south America.

Submitted by Reddebrek on September 14, 2016
  • The anarchist tradition in Latin America (Ian R. Mitchell)
  • Latin American symposium
    1. Economic background (Carlos Fuentes)
    2. Dictatorship and Revolution (Carlos Jose Michelsen-Terry)
    3. Interviews with Latin American Anarchists
  • Guyana: the toothless bulldog and the CIA (Roderick Barry)
  • Peru and the case of Hugo Blanco (I.R. Mitchell)
  • Uruguay: the Communidad del sur (Ruben Pieto)
  • Copping in Ecuador (Tony Gibson)
  • Cuba: Revolution and Counter revolution (Accion Lbertaria)
  • Commentary on Anarchy 77 (Nicolas Walter)
  • Commentary on Anarchy 74