In and against the state

Book from 1979 discussing the experience of working class people, mostly socialists, in working within the public sector in the late 1970s, or relying upon it as service provider; and the contradictions that reveals.

Submitted by posi on October 13, 2010

The first version of In and Against the State was published as a pamphlet in 1979; then reissued with minor updates to the original text, and a substantial postscript the next year.

The authors of In and Against the State were Jeanette Mitchell, Donald Mackenzie, John Holloway, Cynthia Cockburn, Kathy Polanshek, Nicola Murray, Neil McInnes and John McDonald - the London Edinburgh Weekend Return Group, a working group of the Conference of Socialist Economists.



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Submitted by Steven. on October 11, 2010

is the uploading of this now complete?

Also, with the ordering of chapters in the book, they are ordered automatically first by weight, then alphabetically. So to put the preface first you can edit it then in the book outline section set the weight "lighter", when you are done (you can do this while uploading in the first place for future reference)

Looks very interesting though, I will take a look!


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Submitted by posi on October 12, 2010

So I've now uploaded the final two chapters from the main section of the book, the original pamphlet. In the book there is also a fairly long, three part postscript - 40 pages. We're yet to get this copied and scanned - so that might not be online for a while.

I've made a few changes that need to be moderated to the main page and one of the sub pages.

All scanned by poster Marky B btw.

Submitted by Kronstadt_Kid on October 12, 2010

Big up posi for doing the spelling mistakes etc, that's the real shit bomb of a job.

I'll scan the picture from the book up soon as well.