Anti-nuclear activists blockade Hinkley Point power station

Over 1,000 protestors blockade the entrance to Hinkley Point power station in response to a proposed new nuclear reactor.

Submitted by working class … on March 12, 2012

Around 1,000 protesters have blockaded the entrance to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset, marking a year since the Fukushima disaster.

The demonstration is against plans to build new nuclear reactors at the Hinkley station. Many of the protesters stayed overnight, blocking traffic going in, and coming out.

A spokesperson for the ‘Stop New Nuclear Alliance’ stated that:

“We’ve successfully concluded the first ever 24-hour blockade of a UK nuclear power station. This is a major victory for the anti-nuclear movement and a sign that the tide is turning against the government’s nuclear renaissance.”

The blockade is the latest in a long line of actions in the campaign against a new reactor at Hinkley.




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