Antifa confront neo-Nazi "celebration" in Philadelphia

3rd Annual "Leif Erickson Day Celeberation" put on by Keystone State "Skinheads" saw opposition this time around.

Submitted by DLJ on October 11, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - For the third year in a row, Keystone State "Skinheads" (KSS) held their Leif Erickson Day Celebration on Boathouse Row at the statue of a Viking explorer, but this time there were some uninvited guests - a small group of antifa that got there first.

Nine anti-racist activists representing various groups in Philadelphia stood at the statue as the approximately fifty neo-Nazis held their event, which once again almost threatened the annual Navy Day Regatta boat race held every Columbus Day Weekend. Unlike last year's outing, which took place right at the statue, this year, the Regatta was held just a little bit further up the river, thereby avoiding any possible conflicts.

In year's past, this event has gone unopposed, but this year some local antifa thought it important to make their presence known. Keith Carney, who organized the event was not pleased with that antifa presence or the fact that police made no moves to disperse either group. "The police don't seem to care or want to do anything about this, so we're just going to go on with it anyway," he lamented through his megaphone. The ceremony was brief, with antifa taking pictures and mocking the Nazis with references to the movie Inglourious Basterds and while noting how Thorfinn Karlsefeni, who was depicted in the statue, was chased out of Newfoundland by the indigenous people there. After only a few minutes the Nazis retreated back into nearby Fairmount Park without laying a ceremonial wreath as planned, while antifa remained at the statue talking with passers-by about what just took place.

In addition to KSS, members of Maryland "Skinheads", Volksfront and the Vinlander Social Club were also in attendance. Doug Sonier, who says that despite any opposition to the contrary will be fighting in Marylands first legalized Mixed Martial Arts bout in Baltimore on Oct. 24, also made an appearance, as did Christopher DeMunguia, of Gloucester City, NJ. In February, DeMunguia, only six months out of jail on an aggravated assault conviction, assaulted a police officer when he and three other officers went to a bar in Gloucester City bar to arrest him on another aggravated assault charge. A judge not knowing his background or the threats he made to police, allowed him to post bail, even though he didn't even have a known address. DeMunguia justified his situation with the fact that child molesters and rapists are also released. "I would rather somebody that beat somebody up live next to me than somebody that's going to molest my kid," he said.

Another attendee displayed a profound degree of ignorance. When told that Leif Erickson would not have anything to do with the likes of him, he replied, "So what?"

Two were notably absent. Joey Phy is currently on house arrest since being sentenced on an assault conviction, and Andrew Boyle has only been seen at his job at Pallets Plus on Cecil B. Moore Ave, since his sentencing to four years probation on an assault charge.

As was the case last year, other events were planned in the city, and it is expected that there will be another event put on by KSS next year.



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Submitted by AmericanPatriot on October 12, 2009

I was one of the attendees at the Leif Erickson march; I found out about it via an internet search (just as I found this news item), because our family consists of history buffs.

I deeply resent you calling ALL the attendees "neoNazis". FTR I am half-Jewish.


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Submitted by petey on October 12, 2009

i'm unsurprised that such a march happened in phila. high level of what i might call white-ism there.

Black Badger

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Submitted by Black Badger on October 13, 2009

"FTR I am half-Jewish."

Really? Which half? On a slightly more serious note, does having some peripheral self-identification of being Jewish absolve you from harboring feelings of discomfort with and/or anxiety concerning and/or prejudice and/or hatred toward Jews? Considering the history of antisemitism, I have to answer my own question with a resounding "No!" As is the case with any other targeted minority, there's this thing called Internalized Oppression--when members of that targeted group have accepted the dominant bigoted discourse and embrace (consciously or not) the prejudices of the dominant discourse in relation to their self-image, resulting in homophobic queers, self-hating Jews, male-identified women, anti-working class proles, etc...


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Submitted by DLJ on October 14, 2009

There's some clown that wrote to OPP and is on a few boards that is saying they are Jewish and are defending the neo-Nazis - that's NEO-NAZIS - that held this event. The person has a huge number of posts on one board - and the only thing in all of them that would point to this person being Jewish is this person saying they are. Everything else is racist claptrap and pro-Nazi. this clown is suspect, and if it is someone from KSS or any of their associates, I just have to say that if you have to build a fake persona to even try to legitimize your shit, than shit it must be.