Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh statement on Green Anarchist (31/7/1998)

ACE mural

DECISIONS OF SPECIAL ACE MEETING (31.7.98) TO DISCUSS GREEN ANARCHIST, supported by Scottish Anarchist Network as a Statement

Submitted by Rory Reid on December 27, 2016

We totally reject Green Anarchist's support for the Oklahoma bombers, for the Aum cult, for the Unabomber and for elitist indiscriminate violence against working class people based contempt for the mass of people.

Our objection is not on the basis of pacifism - we reject both the aims and the tactics of these groups.

We therefore consider that Green Anarchist are not part of the same movement as ACE, and the dissemination of its politics is an obstacle to a genuine revolutionary movement which seeks to overthrow capitalist social relations. This is also symptomatic of wider problems within our movement.

We believe that a successful revolution needs the conscious involvement of the majority of people. We therefore stress the importance of such examples of class struggle as struggles by workers and claimants.
In view of the fundamental differences between our views and those of GA, ACE feels we have serious reservations about giving support to Green Anarchist within the framework of the GANDALF campaign as it existed.

Of course we do not support the state's actions against Green Anarchist; we welcome the success of the Gandalf defendants appeal and we recognise the danger of the state succeeding in stopping the reporting of liberatory direct action.

We completely reject the accusations made against Space Bunny, for example see Green Anarchist 52.