Submitted by kasama_libsoc on February 13, 2020

Abdullah Öcalan, “Beyond State, Power and Violence”

ANF News, “Efrîn Canton Ministry of Agriculture launches first project”

ANF News: “Rapid efforts for agricultural sector in al-Tabqa's”

ANF News, "Al-Tabqa: Massive forestation campaign to be launched by 2018“ A

NF News, “Li Cizîrê projeya parzgeha xwezayî“

Anja Flach, Ercan Ayboga, Michael Knapp, “Revolution in Rojava“.

Executive Summary (UNEP – WHO), “Guidelines for the Safe Use of Excreta and Wastewater in Agriculture and Aquaculture"

Friedrich Engels, “Dialectics of Nature”

Friedrich Engels, “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State”

International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), “The Challenges of Wastewater Irrigation in Developing Countries”

Murray Bookchin, “The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy"

Murray Bookchin, “Remaking Society"

Pieter Both & Wim Zwijnenburg, “Syria - the toxic footprint of war”

Rêveberiya parêzgehan a Kantona Cizîrê, “Ji bo parastina parêzgehan biryarên girîng“

Silvia Federici, "Caliban and the Witch”

Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, UNFCCC Secretariat, “Afforestation, Reforestation and Forest Restoration in Arid and Semi-arid Tropics”

Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, “Guidelines on the Safe Use of Urine and Faeces in Ecological Sanitation Systems”

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, “Grey-water treatment on household level in developing countries"

The Rodale Book of Composting University Press of Florida, “Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Cuba”