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William Morris
William Morris

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of William Morris with considerable reference to his politics in chronological order

Submitted by jondwhite on February 20, 2017

How I became a socialist (1894) William Morris

The Life of William Morris (1899) J. W. Mackail
(Socialist and friend of Morris)
Volume I
Volume II

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921) J. B. Glasier
(Socialist League then Independent Labour Party)

William Morris: A Vindication (1934) R. P. Arnot
(Leninist - Communist Party of Great Britain)

William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary (1955) E. P. Thompson
1955 edition
(Leninist - Communist Party of Great Britain)
1977 edition

William Morris: The Man, The Myth (1964) R. P. Arnot
(Leninist - Communist Party of Great Britain)

William Morris: The Marxist Dreamer (1978) Paul Meier
(Leninist - Communist Party of France)

The Political Writings of William Morris (1973) A. L. Morton
(Leninist - Communist Party of Great Britain)

William Morris' Socialist Diary 1887 (1981) Florence Boos

Political Writings: Contributions to Justice and Commonweal (1994) Nick Salmon

William Morris: A Life for Our Time (1994) Fiona MacCarthy


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William Morris and the early days of the socialist movement ; being reminiscences of Morris' work as a propagandist, and observations on his character and genius, with some account of the persons and circumstances of the early socialist agitation, together with a series of letters addressed by Morris to the author. With a pref. by May Morris
by J. Bruce (John Bruce) Glasier