Bombardier plans mass job losses in Belfast and Montreal

Bombardier plan to cut jobs in January 2007
Bombardier plan to cut jobs in January 2007

Aerospace company Bombardier are to cut hundreds of jobs in Belfast and Canada in January, whilst creating more than 1,000 new jobs in Mexico.

Submitted by Ramona on October 25, 2006

More than 600 jobs are going at the Belfast aerospace company Shorts, parent company Bombardier has said.

The firm said 645 jobs would go and all levels would be affected.It said there was lower demand in the worldwide market in regional jets which has led to fewer orders. Nearly 500 jobs are going in Canada. Meanwhile, Bombardier has said there is no connection between the growth of its operation in Mexico and the loss of the jobs in Belfast or Canada. About 1,200 new jobs are being created in Mexico.

Peter Williamson of the Amicus union said he was shocked when he heard about the job cuts.

"While we would have been aware that there was difficulties at the company, I think the announcement of 645 jobs on a Northern Ireland scale is enormous," he said. "What we can do about it is limited."

Consultations will begin with the unions to try to keep the compulsory redundancies to a minimum. The Belfast jobs will start to go in January 2007, the company said. Bombardier Aerospace employs about 26,900 globally with 5,300 of its workforce in Belfast.