Christiansburg, VA Target workers on wildcat strike against sexual harassment and racial discrimination

Daniel Butler, General Manager at Target Christiansburg, VA

Workers at a Target store Christiansburg, VA are striking to demand the firing of General Manager Daniel Butler after multiple testimonies alleging abuse including sexual harassment and racial discrimination. There will be a picket outside the store on August 23rd.

Submitted by Mike Harman on August 23, 2017

Target workers strike, demand firing of General Manager Daniel Butler. Employees experience abuse including sexual harassment, racial discrimination without recourse.

Christiansburg, VA: Target (Store #1292) General Manager Daniel Butler has abused Target workers for years, highlighted in worker testimonies which include multiple instances of inappropriate touching, suggestive comments, racist remarks, misgendering transgender employees, and physical abuse. Target has failed to address these complaints and so workers are forced to strike.

Striking workers demand the following:

  1. The permanent termination of Daniel Butler from the Target Corporation, with no chance for rehire at this or any other location
  2. recognition of their independent workers committee to mediate between Target workers and management at Store #1292

Several workers have attempted to go through Target’s HR channels to stop this abuse, only to have their complaints stonewalled.

Since Target’s methods failed to end Butler's inappropriate behavior, employees ask that the community support their strike through boycott until their demands are met.

Full worker testimonies and information on how to help is available at

This action is supported by New River Workers Power, a local independent working class organization that seeks to build political power for workers by workers and their allies across the region.



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On Monday 8/28 workers to carry struggle back on to the shop floor.....