Corrections to Adopting the Eleven Points of Amsterdam

Some brief amendments to a previous SI document, from International Situationniste #3 (December 1959).

Submitted by Fozzie on January 6, 2023

The Amsterdam Declaration published in our previous number1 has been adopted by the Munich Conference with the following modifications:

The first point should read: 'The Situationists must take every opportunity to oppose ideological systems and retrograde practices, in culture and wherever the question of the meaning of life arises.' (Instead of: 'every opportunity to oppose retrograde ideologies and forces, etc.')

In the third point replace: 'The S.I. cannot justify any attempt to renovate these arts' (individual) with 'The S.I. cannot justify any attempt to practice these arts.' And add the following: 'Unitary creation will entail the authentic accomplishment of the creative individual.'

At the end of the ninth point ('The coordination of artistic and scientific means must lead to their total fusion') add 'Artistic and scientific research must attain total freedom.'

Complete the last sentence of the eleventh point ('...the construction of situations, as play and as seriousness in a freer society') like this: '... the construction of situations as at once play and as seriousness in a freer society.'

Translated by Paul Hammond. Text from: