Debunking the myth of "Irish slaves"

A photo of people who weren't Irish slaves
A photo of people who weren't Irish slaves

A detailed, seven part series of articles by Irish historian Liam Hogan systematically demolishing the white supremacist myth of there being Irish slaves in the Caribbean or Americas, and that these "slaves" were treated worse than enslaved Africans.

Submitted by Anonymous on March 20, 2020

Attached are PDFs of each part:
1: Debunking the imagery of the "Irish slaves" meme
2: How the African victims of the Zong Massacre were replaced with “Irish slaves”
3: The “Forced Breeding” myth in the “Irish slaves” meme
4: A review of the numbers in the “Irish slaves” meme
5: Exaggeration and the appropriation of the torture of enslaved Africans in the “Irish slaves” meme
6: The Myth of Colonel William Brayne and the “Irish slaves”
7: The myth that Goodwife Glover, the Irish woman executed for witchcraft in Boston in 1688, was an “Irish slave”

This series was originally published here on between 2015 and 2017.
It is being preserved here for reference.
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