The Demands of “Bridge man” and the other protests in the People's Republic of China

The banner

Protesters inside China and overseas are echoing the demands of Beijing “Bridge man” including other demands.

Submitted by kasama_libsoc on November 29, 2022

Protesters inside China and overseas are echoing the demands of Beijing “Bridge man.”

Protesters also add up other demands, including:

[*] We are fully committed to participating in and responding to spontaneous protests across the country, and we demand the unconditional release of all students, workers and citizens who were arrested and detained for opposing the lockdown.
[*] We mourn the victims of the Urumqi fire and all our compatriots who lost their lives due to the oppressive regime of the epidemic.
[*] We will hold the government accountable for the tyranny of epidemic prevention over the past three years; we will require the complete lifting of the epidemic blockade, and the removal of health codes, travel codes and other monitoring methods that infringe on citizens’ personal privacy; abolition of compulsory epidemic prevention measures, protection of civil liberties, and return to scientific epidemic prevention; protect livelihoods of people, workers and farmers.

(Source in Chinese.)

The demands on the banner created by the Beijing “Bridge man” are as follow:

Content of the left banner:

We don't want nucleic acid testing, we want food to eat;
 We don't want lockdowns, we want freedom; 
We don't want lies, we want dignity; 
We don't want Cultural Revolution, we want reform;
 We don't want [dictatorial] leaders, we want elections;
 We don't want to be slaves, we want to be citizens.

不要核酸要吃饭 不要封控要自由 不要谎言要尊严
不要文革要改革 不要领袖要选票 不做奴才做公民

Content of the right banner:

Go on strike at school and work, remove dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping!
 Arise! Ye who refuse to be slaves! Oppose dictatorship. Oppose authoritarianism. Save China with one person one vote to elect the president!!!

起来不愿意做奴隶的人们! 反独裁反专制救中国 一人一票选主席!

Content played by loudspeaker equipment:

I want to eat. I want to be free. I want to vote. 
Quit studying. Quit working. Remove the dictator Xi Jinping!