E05.5: The (Totally Subjective) Essentials Of Pleasing A Lady In The Bedroom

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Submitted by Qwoke on June 30, 2019

Question 5 on Episode 5 of Anarcho Agony Aunts

''I'm a 20 year old cis het man from Aberdeen, and I've never had a romantic or sexual relationship. I think it's interesting to hear women talk about what they find attractive and sexually satisfying, because when I am in the right sort of place personally for a relationship, I'd like to be able to do it, ahem, thoroughly, and because I often find accounts of what works surprising, eg, I hadn't been under the impression that doing things to breasts, backs, ears, etc, would do much for the people involved. I get that a lot of what would "work" for women must be highly specific to individuals, but could you try and cover "the essentials” if that's possible?''

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