The Ecology of Everyday Life

Submitted by GoogleMurrayBookchin on June 12, 2019

To fulfill its revolutionary potential, ecology must become the desire to infuse the objects, relationships, and practices of everyday life with the same quality of integrity, beauty, and meaning that people in industrial capitalist contexts commonly reserve for “nature.” It means recasting many of the values often associated with nature within social terms, seizing the power to create new political institutions that encourage, rather than obstruct, the expression of a social desire for a cooperative, pleasurable, and ecological society.

An ecology of everyday life is about reaching for this desirable society, reclaiming our humanity as we reclaim our abilities to reason, dream, and to make decisions about our own communities. It is about looking into the uncharted ‘wilderness’ of direct-democracy itself, that delicious, empowering, and deeply social process through which we become a truly humane expression of that ‘nature’ for which we have yearned all along. - Chaia Heller, Notes on an Ecology of Everyday Life