Fighting Talk 5 (1993)

Issue 5 of Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine.

Submitted by Fozzie on February 1, 2019


  • AFA Statement on Searchlight
  • Hemel Nitrate (NF meeting in Hemel Hempstead)
  • Fascism And The Media (inc World In Action on Combat 18)
  • German Football Fans Fight Back
  • Review: Germany Calling: A Short History of British Fascism by Ross Bradshaw
  • News: Unity Carnival / Edinburgh / Soho
  • A Right Result (4 BNP members on trial for racist violence in Hertfordshire)
  • Drummond Street 4: Attacked, Arrested, Acquitted
  • A View From Valhalla (round up of fascist publications)
  • No Sell Out - Blaggers ITA (on signing to EMI)
  • Letters: An ex-62 Group activist writes
  • Turning The Tide in East Midlands
  • Battle of Ball Grove (BNP election failure in Pendle)
  • John Cato
  • NF In Devon