Housing justice summit bring Rochester housing movement together

Rochester's housing movement is gearing up for a summit of new ideas and building!

Submitted by Eviction Free Zone on October 29, 2012

In Rochester, NY, we defend homes going through foreclosure. And that is the bottom line.

After a massively successful Housing is a Human Rights march, as well as an impassioned take over of the Speak to City Council session, those involved are being the project of next steps and movement building. Take Back the Land Rochester and the Metro Justice Housing committee, along with other groups like Rochester Red & Black and Band of Rebels, organized the march as a coalition effort, and we are bringing those diversity of voices together for a Housing Justice Summit.

The idea here is to discuss much of the work that has been done, give the basics for things like housing liberations and foreclosure defense, and work on what will be coming next to grow these organizations. We will have sessions outlining the crisis and how people go about arranging a foreclosure defense, as well as how houses are opened up and what an eviction moratorium could look like in this city and elsewhere. Afterwards Hannah Dobbz will be presenting on here new AK Press book, Nine-Tenths of the Law, about the squatting movement. In between, some of us can come together for a local Food Not Bombs serve.

Come out to the Flying Squirrel Community Space at 1pm to join the discussion, and we are hoping this is just one of the many steps to create the kind of mass movement that can reclaim housing for the 99%!


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