International solidarity for EULEN-ABB strikers

February 17th was the International Day of Action for the EULEN-ABB strikers in Cordoba. The struggle continues as they fight for their reinstatement, the right to strike and money owed.

Submitted by akai on February 18, 2012

On February 17, pickets and other actions took place at ADECCO offices throughout Europe in support of the striking workers of EULEN/ABB who were replaced by temps from EUROCEN, part of the ADECCO group. Comrades have been protesting for weeks in solidarity, at both ABB and ADECCO, to let them know what they think of their practices.

So far we have reports of pickets and other actions in Spain, Russia, Poland, Holland, Norway, Germany and France, in some cases in several cities at the same time. Besides the IWA sections, solidarity also came from organizations like Vrije Bond in Holland.

In Valladolid, about 40 militants of the CNT-AIT occupied the Adecco office.

Comrades from around the world have shown their support by organizing actions and donating money to the strike fund. Several actions are also planned for next week.

We stand firmly in solidarity with the workers in their struggle against their exploitation by these multinationals and will continue with the actions. The workers are demanding not only their reinstatement, but also compensation because for years they have been being paid according to the wrong collective agreement: the bosses miscategorized their work in order to pay them less. The workers, who knew this and organized themselves to put an end to this abuse came under fire by EULEN and ABB, who wanted to guarantee a cheaper and more docile workforce.

More information about the different actions made on the 17th, with links to translations in English, can be found here:



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Were more protests in Poland and Switzerland today.