Karen Reissman appeal rejected

NHS Trust bosses this week rejected mental health nurse Karen Reissman's appeal against her dismissal.

Submitted by magnifico on December 12, 2007

The appeal, which bosses deliberated over for a week, attempted to overturn the decision to dismiss Reissman, who was sacked for 'gross misconduct' after criticising cuts to NHS services in the media. The sacking, which had nothing to do with her performance as a clinician, is widely seen as an attack on one of the prominent members of a union branch which has been at the forefront of attempts by health workers to defend the provision of free healthcare in this country from cuts and privatisation through recent campaigning work and industrial action. Following the sacking NHS staff in all 10 Manchester community mental health teams and the 3 crisis resolution teams went on indefinite strike action to "demand her reinstatement and the right to speak without fear."

The rejection of the appeal was greeted with anger by pickets outside the trust building.

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