Kenyan nurses reject the union & bosses deal and continue striking

Kenyan nurses have been on strike for the last four days over pay. Yesterday, their trade union reached a deal with the bosses and called the strike off. Nurses are angry at the lack of consultation, and at the content of the deal. They have responded by ignoring the official call to end the strike, and have again walked out.

Submitted by working class … on March 6, 2012

Nurses and other healthcare workers in Kenya have been on strike for the last three days over pay and conditions. Two days ago, the union which represents nurses (Union of Kenyan Civil Servants) reached a deal with the government and called off the strike.

The nurses have refused to accept the deal that has been brokered between their union and bosses, and have walked out of work again. They claim that all the issues that had been raised had been ignored and nothing tangible had been offered in the governments deal.

Angry nurses from Nairobi stated that:

“We were not consulted and there is nothing that has been put on the table. They are just promises so we have said we are not going back without food on the table”.

“We are not convinced by the deal reached, the negotiations had no gains for us and we feel duped. For this reason, we will continue with the strike until all our grievances are met. We cannot take any more promises. We want immediate tangible gains,”

The nurses have vowed to remain on strike until their demands have been met in full. I will post updates as I find them.