​Maria Giuseppina Torri (1885-1966)

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Biography of a militant woman who refused to accept the Italian Fascist Party (PNF) membership card. Life companion of anarchist, Teodorico Rabitti. Loyal mother.

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Place of birth: Bologna
Date of birth: 1885
Place of death: Bologna

Life companion of the anarchist Teodorico Rabitti with whom she shared ideas and militancy during the fascist period, she was dismissed for political reasons from the municipality of Bologna for not wanting to take the fascist card and was persistantly observed and threatened because she did not want to endanger her son Vindice, a fugitive, by denouncing his abode. She died in Bologna in 1966 and her body was cremated.

Sources: [Obituary], 'The International', 15 Nov. 1966.

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