Migrant workers win Northampton strike

A group of Eastern European workers who were being denied the wages they were owed have been paid in full following strike action.

Submitted by magnifico on November 29, 2007

The mainly Polish workers employed by cleaning company Glenn Management to clean offices on the Moulton Park industrial estate, Northampton, had not been paid properly for around four months. However after only one day's strike action they were paid the money that they were owed. One employee told Libcom:- "We had been trying to get hold of our manager again and again but he was not interested in talking to us. Within half an hour of going on strike, however, he suddenly became very interested in what we had to say. First of all he told us that what we were doing was a disgrace and would endanger our jobs. When it became clear we would not be intimidated he tried to pay only those of us who spoke good English. When we made it clear that this wasn't good enough we were all paid in full."

The manager made it clear that what had really grabbed his attention was the threat by the owners of the offices, Dataforce, to cancel the contract to the company if the work was not done.

This success was followed closely by an attempt to catalyse some workplace organisation amongst Eastern European workers in Northampton, with a meeting held at which one of the successful Glenn Management strikers spoke of his experiences. For further details contact Northampton Trades Council through their website http://www.ntuc.org.uk/



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Looks like the local paper reads Libcom:-


(Note that despite the title the original dispute was resolved without any union involvement)