Open Vistas Vol. 1, No. 2 (March-April 1925)

The March-April 1925 issue of Open Vistas a magazine that published poetry and reviews, as well as essays reflecting the editors' anarchist politics.

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-Modern poetry and adolescence by Rose Florence Freeman

-The light of other days by Joseph Ishill

-Who the prophets were by Elisée Reclus

-Ceasing from war by Laotze

-On authority by Multatuli

-Art and the social life by Hippolyte Havel

-The fatherland political freedom by Francisco Pi Margall

-The farmer and the tramp by P. Baroja

-An unpublished fragment by Elisée Reclus

-The tramp and Irene by Dyer D. Lum

-Meadow thoughts by Richard Jefferies

-Excerpts: N. Tchernichewsky, William Morris, William Godwin, John Ruskin, Heinrich Heine and Joseph Mazzini


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So it looks like the pages up to 18 are missing here unfortunately. Not sure how I missed that!