Politics (March 1945)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on April 23, 2014

Cover (p. 65)
Editorial (p. 65)
Comment (pp. 66-67)
Comment. Warsaw (4) (pp. 67-68)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). European newsreel. The Stalintern over Europe (pp. 68-71)
Pearson, Frederick. letter from north Africa (pp. 71-72)
Farber, Marjorie. "Supermarket" (pp. 72-73)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 73-74)
Serge, Victor. The danger was within (I). "War Communism" (pp. 74-78)
Seldon, Edward. Popular Culture. Reviews. Freedom road; Strange fruit (pp. 78-79)
Goodman, Paul. Popular Culture. Reviews. Infants without families (pp. 79-80)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. Reviews. "The Red and the Black" (pp. 80-81)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. Reviews. "Fortune press analysis: labor" (p. 81)
Bazelon, David T.. Popular Culture. Reviews. "Reflections of social disorganization in the behavior of a schizophrenic patient" (p. 81)
Macdonald, Dwight. War as an institution (5). The responsability of peoples (pp. 82-93)
Roth, Lila. Books. Poland and Russia: the last quarter century (pp. 93-94)
Brumm, John. Books. Social darwinism in American thought, 1860-1915 (p. 94)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) Books. Nazi-Deutsch: a glossary of contemporary german usage (p. 94)
The intelligence office (pp. 94-95)
Corbett, Jean. The intelligence office. Letter from France (pp. 95-96)
(Pfc.) The intelligence office. Letter from Belgium (p. 96)