Politics (Summer 1948)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on June 3, 2017

Cover (pag. 145)
Winson, Mack. Pacifism and the USSR - a discussion (pag. 146)
Willingham, Calder. Pacifism and the USSR - a discussion (pagg. 146-147)
Macdonald, Dwight. Pacifism and the USSR - a discussion (pagg. 147-149)
Ciliga, Anton. Battle of the churches in Italy (pagg. 150-155)
Dershowitz, Nathan. The socialist labor party (pagg. 155-158)
Chiaromonte, Nicola. European letter (pagg. 159-161)
Orlansky, Harold. An american death camp (pagg. 162-167)
Cronhimer, Elsie. Can we cure mental care? (pagg. 168-169)
Queener, Llewellyn. A political constant: the great and the pitiful self (pagg. 169-170)
Fey, Isabella. The walrus and the carpenter (pag. 170)
Sahl, Hans. Ancestors (6). Kurt Tucholsky. The man with the five pseudonyms (pagg. 171-173)
Tucholsky, Kurt. Ancestors (6). Kurt Tucholsky. His "testament" (pagg. 173-175)
Tucholsky, Kurt. Ancestors (6). Kurt Tucholsky. Herr Wendriner under the dictatorship (pagg. 175-176)
Contributors (pagg. 176-177)
Great men - and little men (pag. 177)
Macdonald, Dwight. The Wallace campaign, an autopsy (pagg. 178-188)
Orgler, Dorothea. At the butcher's (pagg. 188-189)
Tucci, Niccolò. Commonnonsense (pag. 189)
Dryden, Theodore. Remarks on the constitution of the mongolian people's republic (pagg. 189-191)
Swados, Harvey. Mass culture. Mr. Sindlinger's option on the future (pagg. 191-193)
Blake, Peter. AMG in Germany (pagg. 194-202)
Shanker, Albert. The case of the dizzy Dean at Illinois University (pag. 202)
Macdonald, Dwight. On the elections (pagg. 203-204)
Small talk (pagg. 204-205)
Macdonald, Nancy. Report on packages to Europe (pagg. 206-207)